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Saturday Afternoon Tea

An afternoon of friendly company, lively conversation and some coffee and cake

Please join us for some friendly company, lively conversation and some coffee and cake at Dome cafe in Kwinana.

Saturday 16 December
2:30pm – 4:00pm

Dome Cafe
Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre
2 Robbos Way
Kwinana WA 6167

Cost: $5-$15

Or email
or phone 0404 831 201.

Look for Jodie with a Befriend flag and enjoy your afternoon tea!


If you haven't heard of Befriend before, here's a little bit about us: we're an inclusive, diverse community of around 7,000 adults in Perth, all keen to make new connections. We range in age from 18 to 90+, and we're from all walks of life. We may work full time, part time, or not at all. We may be Perth born and bred, or come from somewhere else in the world. We may have a disability, be building our conversation skills, or be ready to talk your ear off with friendly enthusiasm. Some of us are on Meetup, but some of us get the monthly calendar via a mailing list (join at We think the world would be a better place if no one was ever left out or excluded, so we look forward to seeing you at this event!

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2.30pm to 4pm
16 December 2017




Dome Cafe Kwinana
Robbos Way

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