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Befriend - Op Shop Trail

Connecting the Community through Fun Times

Join us for this fun day out Op Shopping!

The plan is to visit as many Opportunity Shops that you so desire before we meet up @ 11.30am for Lunch at the Waikiki Dome for anyone who is ready for a break. You don't have to join us here, you are welcome to continue on with your Op Shopping.

Back out on the road in search of bargains until we meet up again @ 2pm for an Afternoon Delight @ The Well in Wellard where they offer our Befriend group an $8 Coffee & Cake Special. Here is where we will share our found treasures and award virtual bragging rights for those that take out their individual categories as listed below.

You don’t have to visit any particular stores & you can start anytime you like and you can visit only one if that’s your choice.

Everyone will take their own transport or of course you are welcome to car pool with a friend or two.

The more the merrier but it’s a casual affair with you stopping whenever it suits you, take as long in a particular shop as you like or go like the clappers round the thrift shops.

Why issue optional challenges to be a part of for the Op Shop Trail?
Because We Can - and It Will Be Fun!

First Virtual Award & Bragging Rights will be given for

Category 1: I Would Have Paid More for That Had I Seen It First!

Category 2: The Best Valued Purchase of the Day!

Category 3: The Most Useless Item Found

Category 3: The Most Unusual Found Treasure of the Day - What am I?

Category 4: The Most Expensive Treasure of the Day!

Category 5: An Item that Brings a Smile to your Dial!

Category 6: The Least Expensive Item!

Category 7: Something You Can Wear

Category 8: Something RED!

Category 9: Animal - Mineral or Vegetable

Category 10: An Item that Starts with the Letter "B"

With all these categories the only one you need to have purchased for entry to the category will be for The Best Valued Purchase of the Day!
All the other categories will be eligible to enter by simply taking a quick pic on your mobile device as proof of nomination.

Can’t wait to see all the bargains & treasure we find whilst enjoying a catch up & some lunch for those hungry @ The Waikiki Dome for 11.30am or at The Well in Wellard for 2pm Afternoon Delight.

Some destinations are listed below but as mentioned before you may know of others or even be coming from a different suburb making your way to our final destination in Waikiki.

Animal Welfare Op Shop - Meares Avenue
Vinnies Kwinana - 3 Calista Ave
Salvos Stores Rockingham Beach - 6 Patterson Rd
Good Sammy - Meares Avenue, Kwinana
Vinnies Rockingham - Units 1&2, 8/10 Commodore Dr
Vinnies Rockingham Outlet - 17 Hurrell Way
Salvos Store Baldivis - 3/600 Baldivis Road, Baldivis
Australian Red Cross - Shoalwater Shopping Centre, 117 Safety Bay Rd
Good Sammy - Unit 5/8 Commodore Dr
Salvos Stores Port Kennedy - 23 Saltaire Way
Wishing You Well Store - 1/3 Fielden Drive Port Kennedy WA
Salvos Store Kwinana - Meares Avenue, Kwinana
Vinnies Port Kennedy - 2/15 Saltaire Way
Good Sammy - 2/11 Sunlight Dr



9am to 4pm
21 October 2020




Dome Cafe Waikiki - Shop 1
Waikiki Village Shopping Centre 1-9 Gnangara Dr Waikiki WA 6169


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